HeliRacing in Seattle

Join Our races!

Racing helicopters is our passion! We love the crashes, the explosions, the triumphs, and the failures. We have proudly hosted over 30 races in the greater Seattle area. We usually use the empty lot at :

4225 Elliot Avenue Seattle, WA 98119

BUY IN : $20 Cash



We make a new racetrack using tires, tree branches, merry go rounds, hola hoops, PVC, and special surprises


Every race has 2 refs who ensure that noone is able to cheat and that there is a good time for all. 


Your space is marked out ahead of time in order to give you a spot to set up for the meal following the races.


40% of the total pool will go to the winner with 15% to second and money return to third. The rest goes back to the organizer.

Learn more about RC Helicopters


If you are more than likely a new comer to flying handy remote control helicopters you happen to be vulnerable to accidents like crashes. With this, you have to take into account the size the helicopter you should buy. Experts usually recommend small sized toy-type helicopters in order to avoid severe accidents. When small sized helicopters crashes, they will not get damaged easily; when they do, it is possible to replace them a new one. Smaller size will also be cheaper and affordable. Also, it's better in case you check out hobby stores simply because they may offer you better advice than toy stores can.

Budget is the very first thing you'll want to consider before selecting your individual model helicopter. You need to identify simply how much are you willing to invest in your helicopter. This ensures a great way to get the best helicopter in your case. If you want to own affordable helicopters, it is possible to surf the world wide web to own good deals. No need to worry, however, because lower classes of handy remote control helicopters can continue to fly and entertain you.


Before you start building handheld remote control helicopters, ensure you compare their email list of parts with those included in the kit to ensure you except time you'll need. Start assembling the parts using the guide detail by detail. Do not to adopt any shortcuts. Taking shortcuts will not likely create an effective flight and you will have to hold returning to the drawing board. It can be very difficult and tedious to adhere to the guide only so use the internet in order to find a step by step video which will take you it right the 1st time. Once you have glued all the pieces together and have the frame ready, you can then paint it and add the motor, blades and controls. Be sure that any changes you make do not break the rules of RC racing

Why should you build your own? They are versatile, and then any helicopter flyer will advise you that they are many of the most impressive technologies in helicopters available today. Specifically, the 6 channels let you control multiple issues with the helicopter's flight patterns. For instance, you may make the helicopter fly sheer, lower, forward, backwards, plus some models even permit you to tumble them in tight circles in the air.